" Dear Dr. Thompson, thanks to your encouragement and guidance  I’ve changed my diet in healthy, manageable ways, lost almost 30 pounds since February, walk about 20,000 steps a day, still off caffeine and (drum roll please) got myself off the statins for cholesterol management.  I’m so thrilled about this!!  A direct result of your care!! All my “numbers” are in normal to good ranges and my liver function tests are all back to normal now that I’m off the statin.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me to get me past a very difficult stage of my menopause journey.  You helped me discover many important things about taking charge of my own body and doing things with more natural approaches."                -  Julie, St. Augustine

The information provided on this website does NOT treat or diagnose any medical condition. If you need medical advice, consult with your health-care provider.  Dr. Thompson works as a  consultant in conjunction with your current health care team and is not considered a replacement for your primary care physician. She requires all new patients to have a primary care physician to cover emergencies, routine care, and  screening.

  • Adrenal Health
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Bioidentical Hormone Needs
  • Digestive Health
  • Fatigue
  • Female and Male Hormone Issues
  • Fertility Issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hair Loss
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid Issues

Some of the Conditions we treat:

Welcome to Thompson Medical​!

If you could imagine a better way for your doctor to treat you, what would it look like?

Would they take more time with you to find our how your medical issues have come about?

Would they work to find the root causes of your medical issues, not just treat your symptoms?

Would they use cutting edge clinical approaches and testing similar to those used at the Cleveland Clinic?

At Thompson Medical, ​we work with patients with a wide range of chronic and acute health problems and focus on identifying the root cause of the disease, not just treating symptoms. This is the benefit of combining Family Medicine with Functional Medicine to treat the whole body system.